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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cover

1966 Western film directed by Sergio Leone
For a Few Dollars More cover

1965 film by Sergio Leone
Once Upon a Time in the West cover

1968 film directed by Sergio Leone
A Fistful of Dollars cover

1964 film by Sergio Leone
The Forgotten Pistolero cover

1969 film by Ferdinando Baldi
They Call Me Trinity cover

1970 film directed by Enzo Barboni and Gene Luotto
Faccia a faccia cover

1967 film by Sergio Sollima
Day of Anger cover

1967 film by Tonino Valerii
Any Gun Can Play cover

1967 film by Enzo G. Castellari
Death Rides a Horse cover

1967 film by Giulio Petroni
Django cover

1966 film by Sergio Corbucci
Ace High cover

1968 film by Giuseppe Colizzi
Those Dirty Dogs cover

1973 film by Giuseppe Rosati
The Five Man Army cover

1969 film by Italo Zingarelli, Don Taylor

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