Tag: comedy-drama

genre of theatre, film, and television
Entourage cover

2015 film by Doug Ellin
Scary Movie 4 cover

2006 horror comedy parody film
Meet John Doe cover

1941 American comedy drama film
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town cover

1936 film by Frank Capra
Broadway Bill cover

1934 film by Frank Capra
The Women cover

1939 film by George Cukor
8½ cover

1963 Italian comedy-drama film by Federico Fellini
The Wizard of Oz cover

1939 movie based on the book by L. Frank Baum
Inherent Vice cover

2014 American crime comedy-drama film
Knocked Up cover

2007 film by Judd Apatow
His Girl Friday cover

1940 film by Howard Hawks
The Great Dictator cover

Charlie Chaplin's 1940 comedy film satirizing fascism
The Spenders cover

1921 film directed by Jack Conway
Catch-22 cover

1970 satirical comedy-drama war film

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